Model Amber Rose has taken the next step in her crusade against ‘slut shaming’ by partaking in a hilarious ‘Funny or Die’ video which sees the 31 year old proudly take a ‘Walk of No Shame’. In the video Rose is seen walking home after a night of casual sex and receiving congratulations along the way.

Amber RoseAmber Rose appears in ‘Funny or Die’ video, ‘Walk of No Shame’.

As Rose walks home carrying her heels the model is approached by a milkman who remarks, "It looks to me like you had sex last night.” "I sure did,” Amber confidently answers. She then encounters an elderly woman who tells her, ‘Nothing I haven't done before!”

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Amber is also approached by the town mayor who offers her the keys to the city for "your confidence in the choices you make, and your ability to celebrate your body!” "I always celebrate my body,” Rose replies. "Sometimes twice a day!”

The video is to promote Rose’s upcoming ‘Slutwalk’ which takes place October 3rd in Los Angeles. According to the ‘Slutwalk’ website, the event looks to fight against, ‘sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labelling and gender inequality’.

Last month Rose and friend Blac Chyna used the MTV VMA’s red carpet to make a statement against the derogatory terms frequently used against women by the media and society. The pair wore custom outfits covered in words which have been used against them, including ‘slut’, ‘hoe’ and ‘golddigger’.

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Next month Rose will release her first book, How To Be A Bad Bitch, which promises to be ’an edgy yet accessible "bad bitch" guide to life, love, and success’, according to the book’s official blurb. The book’s risqué cover, shot by David LaChapelle, features a nude Rose posing with a bow and arrow and standing over the body of a slain male enemy.