Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie debate, offering her support for her former rival. In January the pair appeared to bury the hatchet when they posed for a selfie together, just days after Amber had fired back at Kanye West on twitter, over comments he’d made about her past as a stripper.

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Speaking to Nightline, Amber said: “I thought she looked beautiful, I think she’s a great mom. People think me and Kim are arch enemies and we're not. We literally text each other all the time. We're very, like, positive towards each other.”

“People feel like Kim is just famous because she had a sex tape and I’m just a famous ex-stripper. We’re not able to be mothers and be sexy because we were ex sex workers.” Last year Amber organised the ‘Amber Rose Slut Walk’, to take a stand against ‘slut-shaming’, which she has been the victim of in the past.

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"If any sexy guy posted a nude picture with a little black strip over his private areas, everybody would be like, 'Damn, he is hot, he's sexy, look at that body. Oh, he's a dad too?'" she continued. "It's just a double standard.”

Earlier this week Amber had called out Pink on Instagram after the singer posted a message on twitter telling women not to use their 't**s and a**es' to get ‘attention’. “Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies,” Amber wrote.

“If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that's none of ur business or anyone else's. Pink, We've seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope (Beautifully) but what's the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism.”

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“Because u sing while ur half naked does that make it "Classy" or is it because u have a "talent"? I'm not dissing at all Pink just curious after u said "You'll never have to make a silly excuse for yourself”". Amber has also reached out to Kim on Instagram, inviting her to be part of this year’s Slut Walk.

"Last year at my Slutwalk I told my Slut shaming story. This year I would love for u to come and tell urs,” Amber told Kim. "This is an open invite from me to u and ur sisters are welcomed too’ Let's let the naysayers know u are so much more then a sex tape (13 years ago).”