Amber Le Bon is worried her knee is going to give way when she's on the catwalk.

The 23-year-old model injured her knee when she was schoolgirl and she still has trouble with it and is always concerned it as going to buckle at any moment.

She said: ''I have a hurdling injury and a bad knee. I'm like an old lady! It stops me from running properly. It felt really weak the day of my Karen Millen shoot. Luckily it didn't give way, but I worry about it buckling on the catwalk.''

While she enjoys modelling Amber - eldest daughter of Durran Durran star Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Le Bon - has also taken after her father's musical talents and likes to relax by playing the piano.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''I find playing the piano very therapeutic. I like Chopin - especially if I'm feeling angry. Sometimes I'll join in with my dad. But he's a better musician than a teacher - I can't keep up!''