There are just a few months to go until 'Aquaman' hits the big screen, and so the embargo on interviews with the cast and crew has been lifted. With that comes a whole lot of new information, teasing a little of what we should expect from the upcoming DC movie. Will it be able to break the curse of the unofficially-titled DC Extended Universe, and become a hit with the critics? Its stars and director James Wan certainly hope so.

Amber Heard takes on the role of Mera in upcoming film 'Aquaman'Amber Heard takes on the role of Mera in upcoming film 'Aquaman'

Audiences have already seen Jason Momoa and Amber Heard debut as Aquaman and Mera respectively, in last year's 'Justice League' movie. Momoa's performance was lauded as one of the best parts of the film, and though we only saw a little bit of Heard in her role, it was enough to whet the appetites of fans. The stage has been set perfectly for 'Aquaman', but what should viewers expect from his relationship with Mera when his solo flicks hits the big screen?

Speaking during a set visit with JoBlo, Heard explained: "The thing I really like about this is I feel it has a more modern approach, I think, to what would otherwise be a more classic superhero formula. This is very much a story where they are equal partners. Because they come from different worlds, their strengths are very different. Where one excels in one world, the other is a fish out of water. Pun intended. [Laughs] I guess I’ll be saying that a whole lot. Just gonna get used to owning it! But it’s true. Mera, when she’s on the surface world, it’s very much an alien world to her. Same way that when Arthur is in Atlantis, he’s completely out of his element. But we both excel at being in our own worlds, and because we have our own identities and because our identities are tied up in who we are in our respective worlds, we share equal responsibility in the journey."

Knowing that such a "modern approach" is being used in 'Aquaman' is hardly surprising when you look at who's involved in the film. Heard isn't a woman who would take a submissive and lightweight female role, and Wan is somebody who has been applauded for his fantastic female roles in film.

It's going to be very interesting to see if Heard's promises of an "equal" partnership translates to the movie, and just how much of an impact her performance will have on the entire DCEU.

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'Aquaman' is expected to debut in the UK a week earlier than the rest of the world on December 14, 2018.