In the 10 million (USD) lawsuit filed by producers Christopher Hanley and Jordan Gertner at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Heard is accused of "improper conduct" and participating "in a concerted campaign of disinformation" against the movie and its producers.

Amber seen recently at the 2016 Woman Of The Year AwardsAmber plays Nicola Six in the movie

Part of the 24-page complaint obtained by Deadline reads: "As a result of Heard's refusal to comply with her contractual obligations - including her improper refusal to act in provocative scenes contained in the pre-approved script - key scenes in the script had to be removed and/or rewritten to accommodate Heard's behaviour."

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Another extract alleges: "Additionally, Heard participated in a concerted campaign of disinformation against Plaintiff and the Picture, which has significantly damaged both.

"As a result of Beard 's tortious misconduct and breaches, the Picture remains in limbo-its sale, distribution, and release have been thwarted, and the investments of Plaintiff and the Picture's other investors have been severely, if not irreparably, harmed."

The film, which also stars Billy Bob Thornton and Heard's ex Johnny Depp, was due to debut at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival last year, but was pulled when director Mathew Cullen sued the film's producers.

In Cullen's lawsuit he accused the producers of fraud and making changes to the movie without his consent. The producers later countersued, accusing Cullen of breaching his contract. and going $4.5 million over his $8 million budget.

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