Amber Heard can't wait to turn 30 next April.

The 'Rum Diary' star, who is married to Johnny Depp, isn't worried about getting older because she feels better about herself every year.

She said: ''I can't wait to turn 30! Every year that goes by, I feel better about who I am and my perspective on my life. It's a good feeling. I like to think I'm part of a generation that defies rules and expectations and traditional kinds of thinking.''

Amber and Johnny tied the knot earlier this year, but she insists it hasn't really changed their relationship.

She said: ''I'm very happy. I don't think your sense of who you are changes that much when you're in a relationship or marriage. What's beautiful is that you're able to learn more about another person, and that's a fascinating process.

''I've always been a very curious person. It's the quality I think draws some people to me.''

While she is living her dreams at the moment, Amber has admitted she often felt ''trapped'' as a teenager in her native Texas.

She explained to US' OK! magazine: ''I was desperate to travel and explore the world. Acting was also a way of reaching deeper inside my head and a means of observing others, understanding how people behave and the relationships we form.''