Amandla Stenberg prefers wearing wigs on screen.

The 21-year-old star of 'The Eddy' revealed she has received some helpful advice from her fellow actors over the years, including wearing wigs or weaves for roles rather than destroying her own hair.

She told UK Vogue: ''The wisest actors that I've talked to have all been proponents of wearing wigs or weaves for projects just because as an actor you will destroy your hair trying to get it to look like whatever character you're playing.''

Amandla also revealed that she has become more relaxed about make-up and no longer feels she needs it to hide flaws.

She explained: ''As I've gotten older, my relationship with make-up has shifted and depending on how I'm feeling in my body, how often I'm wearing it for work. [Now] it feels way less about covering up flaws or insecurities around myself, but more about having fun.''

Meanwhile, Amandla also revealed she shaved her eyebrows because of a TikTok trend.

She explained: ''I just did that thing that everyone is doing now where I shaved off the end of my eyebrows because of g*****n TikTok so I have a different eyebrow shape than usual. But honestly... I'm absolutely loving it.''