Amanda Seyfried won't be promoting her upcoming indie movie 'Seven Veils' amid the Hollywood strikes.

The 37-year-old actress stars as Jeanine, a theatre director who is dealing with repressed trauma as she prepares to mount a production of the opera 'Salome' in Atom Egoyan's upcoming drama.

And despite being given the go-ahead to promote the flick at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival this week, Amanda doesn't feel "it's right" to do so until the actors and writers striking for better pay and conditions receive a "fair agreement".

Announcing the decision on Instagram over the weekend, she wrote: “I am SO PROUD of this movie and it hurts my heart not to stand next to the beautiful people who helped create this special film at our @tiff_net premiere next week.”

She continued: "@sagaftra has given us a wavier to promote this fully, magically independent Canadian movie but it doesn’t feel right to head to the fest in light of the strike.”

Amanda concluded: “I can’t wait to show you all SEVEN VEILS when the time is right (and we’ve come to a fair agreement for actors and writers)."

Meanwhile, Amanda recently admitted she can feel "insecure" about her acting.

The actress stars alongside Thomas Sadoski, her real-life husband, in 'The Crowded Room', and Amanda revealed that she often turns to him for some feedback.

Amanda - who also stars alongside Tom Holland - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I like that I can ask him if he thinks I'm doing a good job and he'll tell me the truth, which is really nice.

"I get really insecure sometimes. Like, 'Do you think that was good? Was that a good take? Was that good in that? Did you believe me?' And he'll be like, 'Stop.'"

Amanda also previously admitted she felt she didn't "belong" at the audition for 'Mean Girls'.

The Hollywood star played Karen Smith in the 2004 comedy movie - but Amanda recalled feeling overwhelmed during the audition stage, which also involved Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively.

She told E! News: "I was in the room with Lacey and Lindsay and Blake, and I knew Lindsay and Lacey from their movies and TV, and I was just a little bit like, 'Oh my god. What do I do? I don't belong here 'cause I flew in from Pennsylvania or whatever.'"