Amanda Seyfried's dog helps her feel ''at peace''.

The 'Scoob' actress - who has three-year-old daughter Nina with husband Thomas Sadoski - knows that all she needs after a tough day is to spend some time with her beloved Australian Shepherd, Finn, because he's a great source of ''emotional support''.

She said: ''The relationship between humans and animals is extraordinary. Obviously, they don't have voices but they have spirits and they have an ability to connect like nobody else.

''Whenever I have a lot of stress I just lie on my bed with my dog Finn and feel at peace, even for a moment. And that's all you really need.

''My dog can distract me from anything. He's absolutely my emotional support - he gets me - and it's the same with my other animals.''

Amanda shares a similar bond with her rescue donkey, Gus, as he has such ''calm energy''.

She told new! magazine: ''I have a donkey, Gus, who's just like a big dog. I'm really connected to him and attached to him. It doesn't make sense exactly, but I don't need to know why. It just is.

''He walks around with this calm energy that makes you feel like, 'OK, everything's going to be alright'. And thank God my daughter gets to grow up with these animals.''

Away from her animals, the 34-year-old star also has a very supportive group of friends who she's known since childhood.

She said: ''I have a group chat that I monitor daily with my girlfriends who I met when I was five. We were in kindergarten together. We had our ups and downs throughout school, but we were always friends and we rely on each other constantly.

''We're like family now. It's not always perfect, but when you grow together, it's priceless.''