Amanda Seyfried wore red to the Oscars because it was a “great contrast” to ‘Mank’ being in black and white.

The 35-year-old star – who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work on the film – attended Sunday’s (25.04.21) Academy Awards at Los Angeles’ Union Station in a vibrant Armani gown, which was inspired by the old Hollywood depicted in the movie and she was overjoyed with the bold strapless outfit.

She said: “The red is rich and is a great contrast to Mank’s black and white.

“The style looks as though it could float away.”

Designer Giorgio Armani also took inspiration from the actress herself.

He told Vogue: “I wanted to highlight Amanda’s personality with this dress, which gives shape to passion.

“Finely-pleated, it forms into a petal shape like an upside-down flower, enhanced by a hibiscus red hue.”

The blonde beauty has put her trust in stylist Elizabeth Stewart throughout awards season and their past red carpet successes have given her a lot of confidence.

She said: “I trusted the looks and never let anything wear me.

“Elizabeth Stewart and I have been working together for over a decade and there’s an instinctive, shared vision that exists between us. She sends options that fit my body and my style without fail. That confidence does a lot to how I wear the clothes.”

Amanda – who accessorised her gown with Forevermark diamonds – was a fan of this year’s more intimate Oscars ceremony.

She said: “This ceremony style feels like it’s tailored for me because it’s intimate which, I hope, makes it feel more casual than other years. Less trains to step on, too.”

The actress also reflected on her experience making ‘Mank’, which left a lasting impression.

She said: “The entire experience from rehearsal to today has made a pretty substantial impact on how I walk through the world as an actor.

“The inherent trust in myself has been dusted off and I know I’m capable of pushing my limits.”