Amanda Seyfried thought 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was going to be a flop.

The 35-year-old actress - who turned down the role of Gamora, which went to Zoe Saldana - admitted she liked the script for the Marvel blockbuster, but had some major doubts about the premise.

She told The Hollywood Reporter's 'Awards Chatter' podcast: "I didn’t want to be part of the first Marvel movie that bombed.

"I said, 'Who wants to see a movie about a talking tree and a raccoon?' Which is clearly — I was very wrong.

"The script was great, it was all based on not wanting to be 'that guy,' because if you are the star of a giant movie like that, and it bombs, Hollywood does not forgive you.

"I’ve seen that happen to people and it was a giant, giant fear and I thought, is it worth it?"

The 'Mank' star has opened up about snubbing the movie in the past, and revealed earlier this year that she's "not really a Marvel movie watcher", while the thought of hours in the makeup chair also put her off.

She explained: "I was just like, 'Ah, I don't wanna be green. It's just so much work.'

"I remember Jennifer Lawrence talking about once, how long it took her to get blue [for the 'X-Men' movies].

"And I was like, 'That seems like hell on earth,' because then you get to set and you're only there for a couple hours, and then you have to take everything off. And that was literally the reason."

Meanwhile, she noted that her daughter Nina, three, is a big superhero fan, although she's not quite got into movies yet.

She added: "It's not movies, it's books that my friend Morris Katz actually wrote a bunch of superhero books, and kids love it.

"It's about being kind, and what each superhero does. And the one we read today is about villains. She's been carrying around that book. And it's just, I mean, she's into Raven right now.

"Like she likes to be Raven in the shower, but I don't think she knows enough about what everybody does, but she knows what they look like, and what their powers are. I think it's cool. I think these books are genius. But no, she hasn't seen any movie."