Amanda Seyfried thinks people are ''rolling their eyes'' at her.

The 31-year-old actress believes the public look at her with disdain just because of her job as an actress, as well as her celebrity status.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, the golden-haired beauty said: ''As an actor, I know people are probably rolling their eyes [at me]. A lot of people are like, 'F**k these celebrities, what do they know?'''

However, the 'Mean Girls' star has revealed she just replies to people who think negatively about her by stating she is ''just as important'' as them, and is on no higher or lower platform than anybody else.

She continued: ''My retort is, 'I'm just as important as you are. I'm not just a prop.' It makes me want to speak my mind even more. And god, it feels good.''

Although Amanda - who gave birth to her first child three weeks ago in March - feels ''good'' when she defends herself, she has revealed a lot of her friends do not react in the same way as her because they don't want to be involved in the confrontation.

She explained: ''I know a lot of my friends in the public eye don't really get involved because of that, but I guess you just have to be willing to take the s**t.''