Amanda Seyfried keeps her make-up simple.

The stunning 'Lovelace' actress prefers a fuss-free beauty routine because she worries that applying numerous products will take up too much of her valuable time.

She explained: ''When it comes to make-up, I think less is more. if I started piling on the products, I'm scared my routine would start to get longer and longer!''

The 27-year-old beauty is known for her slender-yet-curvaceous figure, but Amanda admits she doesn't obsess over calories and loves nothing more than indulging in cheese.

She told the new issue of British InStyle magazine: ''I don't diet but for this year's Met Ball I wanted to look lean and toned, so did strength training and three days before, I loaded up on protein.

''Normally, I'm a super healthy eater. I'm what they call a pescetarian [someone who abstains from all meat except fish] but I've tried veganism before. Anne Hathaway gave me a vegan sandwich on the set of 'Les Miserables' once, but my body didn't take to it. I like vegetables, but I love cheese. I have a great relationship with cheese!''