Amanda Seyfried would invite a dead astronomer to her dream dinner party.

The 'Les Miserables' actress has revealed her fantasy guest would be the late cosmologist and author Carl Sagan, with other invites being sent to 'American Beauty' actress Annette Bening, comedian Louis CK and her grandfather because they would all provide interesting discussions.

She said: ''Carl Sagan, Annette Bening, Louis CK and my grandfather would be invited to my fantasy dinner party, because they're all fascinating.''

The 29-year-old star - who will appear in cinemas as Mary in 'Pan' later this year - continued to discuss the eclectic event by revealing the sweet and savoury treats she would serve to whet her companions' appetites.

She told Evening Standard magazine: ''I'd sever Manchego cheese and cupcakes in my back yard, with sparklers for entertainment.''

However, her visitors would be stuck in her garden, away from her home which she says is full of antiques and ''classical'' items.

Speaking about her decor, she said: ''I like classical things. I have a George Smith couch, which I bought two years ago. There are antiques shops all along the East Coast. I got this amazing French armoire with glass shelves in one. It was a couple of thousand dollars but I loved it so much it was worth it. In a way, I'm just recycling.''