Look out Mila Kunis, it is Amanda Seyfried's turn to play alongside Mark Wahlberg.

The 28 year-old actress has been announced as the new lead lady for Seth MacFarlane's sequel to his 2012 hit-comedy 'Ted', Deadline reports.

In the first film, Kunis played the longtime girlfriend of Walhberg's character, who wanted to eventually get married, but one thing kept getting in the way...a foul-mouthed teddy bear.

Although they did end up tying the knot at the end of the flick, Deadline notes that Mila will only appear in a small role or may not even feature at all.

Seyfried is now expected to play the new love interest of Wahlberg's, but the change isn't anything more than a creative decision made by MacFarlane for the upcoming sequel's plot.

Kunis will still continue to voice 'Meg', in MacFarlane's hit animated-comedy 'Family Guy'.

No information on Seyfriend's role or character has been released yet, but she is also starring in MacFarlane's forthcoming film 'A Million Ways To Die In The West,' along with Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron and Giovanni Ribisi, whom also starred in 'Ted'.

Wahlberg will return to play a man-child in his mid-30s who cannot let go of his childhood teddy bear-'Ted' magically came to life after he made a wish on Christmas Day in 1985.

But fast-forward 27 years, the pair are still living together and regularly partake in smoking pot and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, as well as sharing a strange obsession with the 1980 film 'Flash Gordon'.

Will Wahlberg's character, 'John Bennett', be able to move on from Ted in the upcoming sequel?

The comedy, which first hit theatres in June 2012, grossed $218,815,487 in domestic ticket sales, and garnered $549,368,315 in the global box office, according to Box Office Mojo.

Watch the trailer for 'Ted' here