Amanda Seyfried is hitting the campaign trail for her upcoming movie Lovelace, and it’s only natural that her interviews these days would be on the riskier side. The 27-year-old actress lends her sultry looks to the cover of Elle magazine this month and, clad in a glittering red bodysuit, she gives up some sizzling details about her personal life to match. Seyfried talks about everything, from her desire to shake up the industry with her latest role (porn star Linda Lovelace marks a departure from previous teeny bopper characters), to her views on relationships and sexual attraction – namely, that the former can’t survive without the latter.

Amanda Seyfried, Epic Premiere
Seyfried is using the chance to reveal some of her own romantic history.

"Everybody I've dated I've been sexually attracted to immediately,” Seyfried begins. ”Sparks don't grow—your vagina doesn't become more inclined to wanting someone just because you're around them."

Sound advice, to be sure, but the revelations didn’t end with that, not by a long shot. Seyfried has a diverse dating history, but actor Dominic Cooper, whom she dated for three years, after co-starring with him in Mamma Mia!

Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Lovelace Movie Still
Seyfried as Linda Lovelace and James Franco as Hugh Hefner in Lovelace.

"We love each other,” Seyfried admits. “He'll always be in my life regardless of what his girlfriends or future wife think. I'm never going to be with a guy that can't deal with my friendship with him." As for Lovelace, the movie is out on August 9, so we won't have to wait for long to see if it really will have the desired effect.

Watch the Lovelace trailer below.