Amanda Seyfried's new movie Lovelace may have been rollicked by critics for its thin plot and lack of bravery to go deeper (quite), but the Les Misérables actress has spoken about why, although she's played a wide range of roles, it is Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace who is likely to stay with her the longest.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Overcame Her Fears Of Taking On Such An Intense Role.

Born Boreman, Lovelace rose to cult porn notoriety in the 1970s after she appeared in the highest earning pornographic film of all time, Deep Throat. Her skills were exploited by her abusive husband Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard) after it became known that she was aroused by deep throat stimulation and she became a poster girl for sexual liberation through cinema. However, she would later join feminist and anti-pornography movements, describing the adult movie genre as "legalised rape."

Amanda Seyfried Apple
It Wasn't Easy To Get Under The Skin Of Linda Lovelace.

Lovelace explores the journey of Linda, played by Seyfried, in her transformation into a successful porn actress and her physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband. To play the role, Seyfried herself had to undergo changes to truly embody Linda. Speaking to Vogue she said "It's crazy to become somebody completely different - I've never channelled anybody for a role before," and continued to describe her experiences of wearing the brown wig: "man, the wonders a wig can do. At first, it was strange seeing myself like that, but I love disappearing."

Amanda Seyfried Lovelace Premiere
Linda Lovelace Was Different To The Lighter Roles Seyfried Usually Takes.

Having starred in comparatively more toned down roles, the actress who hadn't performed any graphic sex scenes before Lovelace spoke about her choice to go ahead and get naked: "When it comes to sex, Hollywood can be really hard on actresses, so that played into it at the beginning, but I couldn't pass it up." "I was nervous about my dad seeing me naked," she admitted. "It was hard watching it with him, but he's such a big supporter and I really need his approval," adding "I do expose more than some people because I'm comfortable with that."

Amanda Seyfried Peter Sarsgaard
Peter Sarsgaard Plays Abusive Husband, Traynor.

As reported by BBC News, Seyfried explained that playing the porn star had a huge and unforgettable effect: "Linda has stayed with me more than any other part I have ever played. She affected me so deeply and it was weeks into filming my next part, Cosette in Les Miserables, before I could actually let her go."

Amanda Seyfried Red Carpet
Porn can Be Beautiful...If Made By Women.

The 27 year-old actress also revealed that she enjoys porn...but only if it's made by women. "Some of it's produced in a way that's safe and positive, like Kink, run by women in San Francisco. That's a beautiful thing. Why not? Amanda put her vote in for a greater exposure of sex in cinema, saying "I think a greater discussion about sexual issues is essential in filmmaking," she says. "It isn't something we should shy away from."

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