Amanda Seyfried doesn’t have any body image issues concerning her breasts – not anymore at least. The actress was recently a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show and the conversation somehow turned to the size of Amanda’s assets – which the actress clearly had no problem with. She did advocate against harsh diets though, saying: "I looked way better when I was 15. I had huge breasts, and then I came to Hollywood and I was like 'I got to lose weight. I got to look thin and fit,' and I lost them a little bit."

The actress admitted that she now has no problem with the size and shape of any part of her body, but it did take her a while to get to this point. When Ellen asked whether Seyfried now thinks she looks good naked, the Red Riding Hood actress had this to say: "At this point in my life I do. Because you know what, it just doesn't matter anymore. You just have to. Like, when you're young you don't appreciate it, and I feel like everyone that's a bit older wishes they appreciated when they were young."

The topic came about when Amanda and Ellen were discussing Seyfried’s recent appearance in Allure magazine’s 'How to Look Good Naked' issue. When asked by the host why she was the only woman in the issue, who wasn’t actually naked (so don't waste your time scouring Google), Seyfried answered: “I really don’t know. No one asked me to be. I don’t wanna take it personally, but no one mentioned nudity.”

Amanda Seyfried, Epic PremiereAmanda Seyfried, Mamma Mia Photocall
Spot the difference: Seyfried now (left) and in 2008