Former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes has been hospitalised on an 'involuntary psychiatric hold' in Los Angeles, reports TMZ. The gossip site reports that Amanda was taken to hospital on Friday soon after landing in Los Angeles, as part of a plan orchestrated by her parents to get help for their daughter.

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes photographed at LAX airport on Friday, October 10th

Bynes had been in New York, where she’d had a roller coaster ride of week, which included allegedly being caught trying to leave a Barney’s with one of the store’s hats on her head.

Less than 24 hours before her hospitalisation, Bynes had hit out at her parents, posting a shocking rant against her father Rick on Twitter, which she later retracted. In the tweets she claimed her father had ‘sexually, physically and verbally abused’ her. However, the 28 year old later blamed the rant on a  “microchip" in her brain.

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According to TMZ, doctors placed Bynes on a 5150 psychiatric hold which is for 72 hours, but can then be extended for two weeks. In July of last year, Bynes was place on the same 5150 psychiatric hold after allegedly setting a fire in an elderly woman’s driveway.

Later the actress’ parents had been granted a a court-ordered conservatorship of their daughter, which seemed to be working well as Bynes had appeared to be doing considerably better in recent months.

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However the conservatorship ran out last month and just over a fortnight ago the actress was arrested for a suspected DUI in Los Angeles. Bynes was then spotted behaving strangely at LAX airport, before turning up in New York last week.

Amanda BynesBynes in 2009

TMZ reports that the actress had been going back to Los Angeles on Friday for what she believed was a meeting with her parents and their lawyer. However the car that picked Amanda up at LAX, which she thought would drive her to The London Hotel, instead brought her to a Pasadena, California, hospital where the 5150 hold was put in place.