Anyone reading this doesn't need to be told that Amanda Bynes has been displaying some rather out of the ordinary behaviour of late, with the former child actress' most recent run-in with the law stemming from an incident when cops were called to her New York apartment amidst reports that she was smoking pot in the lobby of the building, only for Bynes to throw her bong from the 36th floor window of her room when confronted by police.

Bynes was then taken into police custody, wearing a platinum blonde wig to conceal her shaven head, before being taken to court to face her charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana. Whilst her actions seem to reflect someone with a touch of mental instability, TMZ have reported that not only has the star refused a psychiatric evaluation, but she doesn't necessarily need one, as friends and some shrinks have said that an evaluation of her mental health is unwarranted.

According to TMZ, her parents are worried that the celebrity is exhibiting signs of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and want to place the star in involuntary conservatorship, similar to what Britney Spears was place under followingher very public breakdown. However Bynes' behaviour has not been outlandish enough for such a measure to be taken, and given her behaviour during Friday's court case (which you can see footage of on TMZ), there are no immediate signs that her mental health needs to be checked. Bynes was sharp in her answers and clearly understood what was happening during the court case, leaving the judge with no reason to bring her mental state into question. In the three criminal cases Amanda was involved in recently in California, her behaviour was equally as admirable, and as the star has constantly stressed she sees no reasons for her mental health to be brought into question.

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Bynes' behaviour has been far from normal

Still, any bystander can easily see that her behaviour is not ordinary by any stretch and although she has been seen smoking a lot of pot as of late, smoking weed doesn't make you act out and feel the need to throw things out of windows (well, paranoia may be to blame for that). Whatever the future holds for Bynes one thing is for certain; she needs to calm down and calm down quickly.

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Do you think she needs help?