People have been calling for some kind of psychiatric evaluation to be given to Amanda Bynes for a long time now, and after months of bizarre behaviour and questionable Twitter etiquette, the former child star has been forced to undergo a mental health evaluation in California. The former Amanda Show star is currently in hospital on a 5150 psychiatric hold after starting a small fire in someone's driveway Monday night, and is expected to remain under surveillance for the foreseeable future.

Amanda Bynes
Amanda was found in her trademark wig and burnt clothing

As TMZ first reported, Bynes was arrested in Thousand Oaks, California at around 9 p.m. local time for setting a fire in an unknown, elderly woman's driveway. The police were alerted when an eagle eyed neighbour spotted the blaze and called the local sheriff, who found Amanda stood next to the fire in a delirious state. Delirious, meaning that when she was questioned by the deputy sheriff who arrived at the scene as to what exactly was going on, she gave unintelligible answers. So unintelligible that she was instantly deemed worthy of hospitalisation, where she could be held on a 5150 hold - in other words, she was sectioned.

Britnet Spears was also placed in a 5150 hold

TMZ later reported that they have since spoken to the woman who owned the property, who has no idea who Amanda is and only found out about the incident when the cops came knocking on her door. She told the website that the cops asked her, "Do you know anyone by the name of Amanda Bynes, or why she would have some vendetta against you?" - which she didn't.

The elderly lady then said that the police told her that Amanda was carrying a "little red gas tank" and had burnt part of her clothing. No word on Amanda's current condition, although she can only be held for 72 hours.

Amanda Bynes NYC
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