Another day, another Amanda Bynes story. This time, the former child star was questioned by security at the clothes store Barneys for allegedly walking out without paying for a hat.

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes was apparently questioned by Barneys after they thought she was shoplifting

Sources told TMZ that Amanda walked out of the New York store with the security-tagged hat in a moment of forgetfulness, which she put down to somebody in the shop harassing her and trying to take her picture. She claimed she was wearing the hat in order to try to disguise herself and therefore get away from that attention.

We must stress that incident passed off an arrest, and neither have any charges been brought against Bynes. However, it’s the latest in a slew of recent stories involving the 28 year old since she returned to New York from Los Angeles last week. Various news outlets have been reporting that she’s engaged to her 19 year old boyfriend, that she clashed with a fan at a party, and that she believes there’s a microchip in her brain that allows people to read her thoughts.

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The temporary conservatorship taken out by Bynes’ parents to help deal with her apparent mental health issues came to an end in September, but it sadly seems that she’s slipping back into old ways. We can but hope that she can break free of the close media attention of recent weeks.

‘America’s Got Talent’ host Nick Cannon, a close friend of Bynes, leapt to her defence by telling the Huffington Post that “if this was a person who was in a mental hospital, would you do the same thing? But just because she's someone that is a public figure, we feel like it's fun to [make fun of her]. But no, this is someone who needs help, and rightly so, she was getting help. And I'm pretty sure she'll continue to get help again.”