The NYPD's drugs case against television star Amanda Bynes is crumbling quicker than Justin Bieber's clean cut image. According to our friends at, the cops have absolutely no evidence that Amanda was ever in possession of weed in her Manhattan apartment last week.

An NYPD official blabbed that the police report mentions nothing of any marijuana recovered from the scene and only notes that Bynes threw what is believed to be "drug paraphernalia" out of the window. No drugs are thought to have been recovered from the scene, which is what Amanda has maintained since her arrest.

Essentially, what this all means is that the police can try prosecuting Amanda for reckless endangerment or drop everything. It is almost certain that the glass remnants of the alleged bong will NOT be admitted into evidence. Nobody's quite sure whether anyone tampered with the glass which sat in the pouring New York rain for days. In other words, the NYPD can't use it. 

Cops say she confessed throwing a vase out of the window shortly after her arrest, though she's not denying it all. There's no physical evidence of what was actually thrown and several lawyers say it will be extremely difficult to convict her.

The short story is that the cops don't have a thing on Amanda Bynes and we expect her to be off scot free within the next couple of days.

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