Some news few people saw coming - Amanda Bynes seems to be pretty much off the hook in the case of marijuana possession. Apparently right now the whole case against the troubled actress hinges upon the testimony of her arresting officers, since no evidence – aka weed – was found in Bynes’ home, TMZ reports. This is, of course, what Bynes has been saying all along. As for the bong that she allegedly threw out of the window on that fateful night – even if it is recovered the chances of it being accepted as evidence in court are very slim.

According to the report by TMZ, which in turn cites police sources, apparently the remnants of what was supposed to be said bong were recovered by the police sometime after the incident. Because they sat out there for days – at the mercy of the elements, human hands, etc. – there is no way to know if the remnants have been tampered with though, and therefore it is highly unlikely that they will be accepted as evidence in court.And who's to say that the police even found what they were looking for, after all Bynes insists that she threw a vase, not a bong, out of her window (as you do).

Even charges of reckless endangerment, the prosecution’s last hope of nailing Bynes with something, seem improbable at this point, because, according to lawyers, there is no case without physical evidence of what was thrown. So, unless something else pops up, it looks like Amanda will live to fight and post puzzling Twitpics another day.

Amanda Bynes, Bristol Farms
She's in the clear! We think

Amanda Bynes, NY Fashion Week 2010
Let's hope the good news keep coming.