Review of Burning Up Single by Alpinestars


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Alpinestars- New Single Burning Up (Faith & Hope Records) released 17.03.03 Reviewed
Alpinestars latest track for release is Burning Up, taken from the bands highly acclaimed album White Noise. Alpinestars became 'the support band of choice' recently after they toured extensively with bands like Faithless, Groove Armada and the Doves.

Burning Up paints a mellow and minimalist picture; you're introduced to the track with a simple bass hook that continues throughout the track accompanied by swirling electronics, guitars and the tender vocals of Glyn Thomas, leaving us all feeling rather spaced-out.

The track builds well, yet the melody does become slightly repetitive after a few listens.

The single also contains two great remixes by Different Gear & Prince Quick; these are useful remixes but not as impressive as the original.