Danish pop stars Alphabeat have dismissed reports they fell out with Lady GaGa on her Monster Ball tour - insisting they were misquoted in a recent interview.
The band was hired to open for the Poker Face hitmaker at her gigs in the U.K. and Ireland earlier this year (10), but rumours of a rift surfaced after the musicians seemingly accused Gaga of failing to give them enough rehearsal time.
Bandmember Anders B reportedly said, "The first time we got to see the stage was when we performed each night. She said, 'I promise you'll get your soundcheck,' but we never did. We didn't really get to socialise with her either."
But he's adamant the comments were taken out of context - because the band had a great time on tour with the star.
He tells BBC Newsbeat, "She was, actually, extremely nice. She came to our room on the first day of the tour and said hi and we got a present from her. We got some flowers and champagne.
"I think what happened was we did an interview and we were talking generally about the difference of being a support act and headlining. And it got twisted. I mean we loved that tour. It was an amazing opportunity and we got to see her show every night."