Aloe Blacc believes misogyny will always exist in hip-hop music.

The 'I Need A Dollar' hitmaker admitted he can't see sexist tropes leaving the genre as there are too many ''market forces''.

When asked if he could envisage misogyny leaving hip-hop, Aloe told ''I'd love to see it, but I think it will be here forever. There are too many market forces interested in this kind of activity.

''It's attractive until women say it's not and stop buying the music, start protesting against the labels promoting it, the radio stations investing in it and the advertisers paying for this content.''

Blacc recalled sampling the song 'Baby Got Back' for an Emanon track but never released it as he felt it was ''misogynistic'' and felt vindicated when Nicki Minaj sampled the song for her hit 'Anaconda'.

The 41-year-old musician explained: ''We wrote a song that was misogynistic. We finished it and I thought, 'We'll never put this out.'

''When I first heard it, I thought, 'I was right'. I'm glad Nicki did it - she owned it in a way a woman can own her femininity. It's not for me to do.''

Aloe says his new album 'All Love Everything' features music that reflects on his personal relationships, after he became fed up of writing songs to combat injustice in society.

He said: ''I've avoided being super-personal with my songs and I felt it was time to speak directly to my wife, my kids and my parents.

''In the past, I'd write a song specifically to combat what I saw in society. At some point I realised raging against the machine only makes you tired.

''The machine doesn't know love, so I thought, 'Why don't we throw in something it cannot compute?' I wanted to humanise our condition so we're not constantly bombarded by darkness.''