Aloe Blacc is fed up of hearing the same old cookie-cutter pop music in the charts.

The 'I Need a Dollar' hitmaker has criticised the current wave of viral TikTok stars - comparing them to an ''ever morphing blob of monsters'' - and has urged record labels to inspire their artists to be more original.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: ''Nowadays it's almost as if the new artists are just one group, and they are all the same artist just with a different look each week.

''I'm likening it to an ever morphing blob of monsters - it's the same blob and same monster it just changes shape and colour every week.

''It's actually very tiring to watch.''

The 41-year-old star also bemoaned the amount of songs about teenage heartbreak and called for there to be more music that appeals to different generations.

He said: ''We're stuck in this trend, a very, very, very, long-lasting trend in the industry.

''A lot of what is happening in schools is breaking up so the music business is focusing on them but then world is not just made up of teenagers, there needs to be music for everybody.''

Aloe has been happily married for a decade to his wife, Maya Jupiter - with whom he has two kids - and recently released the ''romantic'' ballad 'I Do' in her honour to mark their 10th wedding anniversary this year.

And he'd like to see more love songs about happy relationships instead of heartbreak all the time.

He added: ''There are a lot of songs in the market that are about love and relationships but there are very few that are about genuine, monogamous, positive relationships.

''There are a lot of broken hearts but nothing about when it goes right, that was my opportunity to tell a beautiful story, as I have a marriage of 10 years and two beautiful kids.''

On stepping outside of his comfort zone to record the track, he said previously: ''I come from a hip-hop background, and so in my training as a hip-hop artist, romantic love songs were not part of the repertoire.

''So now I feel really comfortable. I feel like now's a good time to share that process, my experience, my personality.

''She asked me a few times when I would write a song for her.

''I've written songs for her which haven't been released and this is the one that I felt like, 'OK, this one is perfect'.

''It really feels like our relationship and it falls on our 10th anniversary.''