Award winning actress Allison Janney has taken on the role of Sheila in a brand new adaptation of hit UK show 'Shameless' to be aired in January 2011 on Showtime. Shameless is a remake of the cult hard hitting, no holds barred UK comedy/drama about a dysfunctional family living on the fictional Chatsworth council estate in Manchester.
The lead character alcoholic, single father Frank Gallagher (Sheila's lover) who was originally played by the much acclaimed British actor David Threlfall will be portrayed by Fargo star William H Macy and rather than Manchester the US remake is due to be set in Chicago, Illinois. The BAFTA winning UK series was created by PAUL ABBOT who will act as an executive producer on the US remake.
Shameless has already been aired in the States on the Sundance and BBC America channels and has picked up some celebrity supporters including 50 Cent who discovered the show whilst on a recent visit to the UK. He says, "I saw it when I was over in London last year. The U.S. like to portray the English as all drinking tea and speaking like the Queen, but this was real. It was really funny as well. I won't pretend I understand all the English humour, but I got enough to know its writers know their game".
"I was laughing out loud in my hotel room watching a show I had never heard of. I have bought the DVD's since I've been back in the U.S. and I'd be up for doing a cameo (role). I am sure their writers could dream up some bada** character for me."