All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter is looking for love - but he's frustrated by the number of "brainless" girls he encounters.
The singer recently split from his long-term partner, model Kim Smith, and has been on the prowl for a new girlfriend.
But Ritter admits it's difficult for a rock star to meet nice, intelligent women - because he's always surrounded by groupies.
He tells Britain's Kerrang! magazine, "Searching for intelligence in a woman who would actually have you after a show is hard. You're not going to have much luck. It would be nice to find somebody who can say a sentence that doesn't have 'like' in it more than once. The women who stay after (the show) ends, well they're a certain demographic. None of them have brains. That's a problem. You get close to a girl and then you realise there's a peanut rattling around up there."