Review of Move Along Single by All American Rejects

The All American Rejects
Move Along
Single Review

All American Rejects Move Along Single

In the shadows of the American "rock" bands such as Green Day and Red Hot Chilli Peppers emerges The All American Rejects. Is there room for yet another of these bands, answer- debateable. The quartet from the good ole US of A release Move Along from the album of the same title. Move Along unfortunately lacks any originality, it sounds like so many other songs released in the past five years or so. Although voted no.1 on trl in America, for me this song lacks any oomph factor. Fine for the loyal AAR fans and Green Day fans, but personally I think they are a poor man's Green Day. Even after listening to the song a few times, it still sounds the same; it doesn't seem to get any better. Recommended for AAR fans and Green Day fans.

Joanne Nugent

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