Rocker Alistair Mcerlaine completely forgot he was part of chart-topping band Texas after suffering memory loss following his brain haemorrhage in 2009.
The guitarist endured a stint in an intensive care unit after he collapsed at his London home.
He spent months under doctors' care and had to relearn several everyday tasks after his memory was affected by the haemorrhage - and MCErlaine admits he even forgot his band exists.
He tells The Scottish Sun, "I had to learn to do everything again. The first thing I really remember was being told how to brush my teeth. I was propped up in my hospital bed, handed a toothbrush with toothpaste on it - and promptly stuck it in my ear. I had no idea what to do with it.
"It makes me laugh thinking about it now. I could remember things which had happened as a kid, but not being in Texas. I didn't even know what a band was. I had a five second 'goldfish' memory at the time. They would say things like 'You're in hospital', then they'd wait five seconds and ask where I was and I'd say 'Norwich?' I was saying some crazy things."