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Alien Ant Farm, Mean Fiddler

Alien Ant Farm

Mean Fiddler

Live Review

For a band that’s warming up for Reading this was a low-key gig but despite that, 15 minutes after the doors had opened most of the floor space had gone. There was only one support act who had possibly one of the stupidest names I’ve ever seen, The Boo Koo Movement, so I was apprehensive about what music they’d play. I needn’t have worried, the first song was straight 70s rock, Iggy Pop style.

There was a bit of variation in a few 90s indie rock melodies but it felt like they were trying too hard at being the support act and joking about the crowdnot really knowing who they were. However they had a massive effect on the crowdand for the first time I saw a support band inspire moshing. For all that, theyweren’t that impressive although they did get better and the singer putme off by, perhaps nervously, overdoing the whole rock star thing. Not the bestsupport act in my opinion.

Music - Alien Ant Farm - Live Review
Music - Alien Ant Farm - Live Review
Alien Ant Farm are much better live than on record especially hit single ‘Movies’. From the start the guitarist, Terry Corso and bassist, Tye Zamora, put a lot of energy into the set pretty much skipping and bouncing around. Their music too is a lot different from the singles which were quite poppy but most of their sounds are dark and twisted and actually surprised me. Those expecting Movies-styletunes would’ve been disappointed because even that had an edge to it livethat it didn’t have on record.

Singer, Dryden Mitchell, appeared to be uncomfortable on stage at first not sayingmuch (he even said ‘I don’t have much to say’) and moving awkwardlywithout the energy Corso and Zamora were using up. In fact he looked wrappedup in himself but the fans who were there had obviously seen the band beforedidn’t appear to care and were doing the signs (pointing with your indexfinger). Mitchell did connect on that front touching the tips of fans’ fingerswith the tip of his own.

The sound is quite varied and some songs were a bit lighter, maybe emo touchedwith dub, so not all tracks were heavy metally sorts. Eventually Mitchell beganto loosen up and start chatting with the crowd before launching into anothersong, Sarah, which had elements of another Alien Ant Farm song (‘Wish’).Clearly band members getting injured us a regular thing as he also ‘promise[d]not to break his neck, just breaking wind.’

They were quite a surprise to me and not at all the novelty band I was expectingafter only really hearing the hit singles. The highlight of the evening had tobe the most unlikely of covers: a ska version of Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’ whichreally, really got the crowd going. This was after Mitchell ran a straw poll(by the amount of cheers for each option) of whether the crowd wanted eithera Black Sabbath cover, a Sade cover, or a Michael Jackson cover. Sade was thelast minute winner. I really, really enjoyed myself and Alien Ant Farm are anentertaining band live, well worth going to see.