Actress Alicia Silverstone's half-sister KEZI is being lined up to become the new face of foster child care group DR BARNADOS in Britain, after revealing she was brought up in care.

Kezi Silverstone was dumped in an orphanage by her mother after her dad, MONTY, left Britain to start a new life in America, where he fathered Alicia and her brother DAVID.

Kezi has since been reunited with her dad and her extended family after spending years in foster care in Britain.

Now a TV star in the UK, Kezi insists the new role as a spokeswoman will give her the chance to show other children that there is hope.

She says, "After everything I've been through I want to show children who are going through the same thing that it's possible to have a chance of a wonderful future."

24/02/2005 21:37