Fresh off the highly talked about Met ball earlier this week, Alicia Keys jetted off to Vegas to film the music video for her new single Tears Always Win. The track is the latest release of Girl on Fire and it tells the story of a woman, coping with a difficult breakup, which affects all other aspects of her life. Keys discussed the song and the video in depth with MTV, saying: "It's a girl and her working two jobs and she's got all these things going on. But the whole time, she's totally distracted because she's only thinking about how she feels [about her ex], almost at the point [where] you're thinking about the person, but you're also thinking about, kind of, your loneliness and how you feel. How're you gonna get through it? The video is totally beautiful, really unexpected. It has some Vegas pieces in it. I think the way it goes on, it really brings a relevance to the words and you'll really feel it. I'm loving it."

It doesn’t seem like a happy ending for the song’s protagonist, but at least, if Keys is right, we will get to enjoy some beautiful visuals. The Vegas setting should certainly offer plenty of those for the Tears Always Win video. But it will mainly focus on the character’s inner turmoil, said the singer/songwriter. "So, Tears Always Win is really about a relationship that's over and you're remembering all the times that it was there," she said. "You're remembering all the ways they filled your space and now that it's not there. You're telling yourself you don't need them, but you're missing them and you're crying about it."

Alicia Keys, 55th Annual Grammy Awards
Alicia Keys, pictured here at the 55th annual Grammys.

Keys spoke to MTV backstage on American Idol, where she also got to hang out with pal and Girl on Fire collaborator Nicki Minaj. Regarding Minaj, she stated that she would “definitely” love to work with the singer/rapper again. "I saw her at the Met Ball actually and that was the last place I saw her. That's my girl and I definitely have lots of love for her ... she's a girl on fire."