British actress Alice Eve is convinced NASA experts are hiding discoveries of alien life after taking part in an online chat with Nasa astronauts as part of her promotional duties for the new Star Trek movie.

The blonde beauty joined her Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams and co-stars Chris Pine and John Cho for the special Skype session at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (Nasa) Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas last Thursday (16May13), when they connected virtually with an astronaut onboard the International Space Station.

Eve found the online meeting fascinating, but it left her with a lot of questions and suspicions the space men weren't telling the truth when they were quizzed about lifeforms on other planets.

She says, "That was definitely the coolest thing we've done. I mean, we've shared the movie with countries around the world, but we got to Skype... with the guy in a space station. And he was turning around in the air when we were talking to him and when he would talk, he would suddenly let go of his mic and it would just stay there. It was a very weird experience...

"J.J. asked this question, 'So have you seen alien life?'... and the response that the guys at the Nasa base gave us... was so rehearsed and so clear that they had seen (aliens)."