The latest trailer for fantasy film Beautiful Creatures offers an insight into the narrative's tale of fate and how much of it can be controlled. The story focuses on a young witch - they use the term Caster - called Lena who feels self-conscious at all the attention she receives in the normal world for her magic powers. So what better thing to do than move to a small conservative town in the backwaters of America? They're sure to take to someone so different there. Here she meets someone she falls in love with, of course. And they're also a 'mortal' (one of us, basically) so you can be sure that won't go down too well with her fellow Casters. 

Watch the trailer for Beautiful Creatures.


Inconvenience reigns when it becomes established that, as a caster, Lena  - played by Alice Englert - has to be 'Claimed' by either the light side or the dark side when she hits her 16th birthday. That's pretty ridiculous, given that the two are often blurred in many instances. But then we're just mortals, so what do we know? 

Anyway, a struggle ensues, as her Jeremy Irons-playing uncle tries to ensure she goes to the light side, whilst the surprising downright evil-looking (check out those eyes) Sarafina thinks that she has the power to choose the dark side and to lead the casters to domination over the mortals; she's pretty sick of them ruling the world. Sarafina is played Emma Thompson. The film is actually adapted from the book of the same name, written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It's set to be released in some countries on February 13, 2013, with the US general release occurring on Valentine's Day (February 14, 2013 in case, like us, you're painfully single and have no need to remember when Valentine's falls on.)