A city health official found live and dead cockroaches in the diner's kitchen, along with other violations, during an inspection last week (ends25Oct15), and the place was closed on Tuesday (27Oct15) after a second inspection on Monday (26Oct15).

According to the health report, the bar's Public Health Permit has not been reinstated and the "facility is not allowed to re-open".

Last week, the bar's owners told locals they were closing the Rainbow for "legitimate repairs".

The bar was once the place to spot rock stars in Los Angeles, and it was where the Hollywood Vampires used to hang out.

Founder Alice Cooper recently said, "To join the club, one simply had to out-drink all of the members. I would walk in on a typical night, and John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon - who would usually be in a costume, like a maid or a chauffeur - (songwriter) Bernie Taupin and Mickey Dolenz would be there."

Cooper's new supergroup, featuring Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, is named after the Rainbow's fabled late-night celebrity club.