Rocker Alice Cooper once had a scare when he found a boy in his daughter's bedroom, while she was taking a shower.
The School's Out hitmaker's kid Calico was a teenager when Cooper thought she was up to no good with a new pal.
He tells, "There's this really good-looking guy sitting on her bed and she's taking a shower. I look at the guy... and he goes, 'Oh hello Mr. Cooper! Cali and I were just trying on clothes.' I went, 'Either this guy is really good or he's really gay.'
"Calico looked at me and she says 'We were trying on dresses.' He was gay and it was a relief to me!"
Speaking out on Father's Day (21Jun09), Cooper admits he set his three kids a tough task when it came to rebelling against him when they became teenagers: "There was no way to rebel because what are they going to do, dye their hair black and wear black lipstick? I invented that, remember? My daughter put it perfectly in her yearbook. She said, 'I couldn't really rebel because my mom and dad were cooler than my friends.'"