Rocker Alice Cooper turned down the amorous advances of screen siren Raquel Welch, according to his longtime guitarist Dick Wagner.

Wagner has written a book about his time in the music industry, playing with greats such as Cooper, Lou Reed and Aerosmith, and he details a bizarre encounter with Welch in his memoirs.

The musician claims he and Cooper were invited to the actress' suite at the famed Fontainebleau hotel in Miami, Florida in 1976, and the singer rejected Welch's advances.

In the autobiography, titled Not Only Women Bleed, Wagner writes, "We were invited up to her suite. I sensed something was going on... at least in Raquel's mind... (But) Alice had a propensity towards being faithful to his girlfriend... (I thought he was) crazy not to allow himself to be seduced."

Cooper, who was previously rumoured to have been involved with Welch, was dating Sheryl Goddard at the time of the alleged incident. They married in 1976 and became parents to three children.