Alice Cooper set funds aside to assist his touring crew during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The 73-year-old rocker - whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier - has revealed he financially supported his staff during the pandemic and he hopes that other musicians did the same.

He told Forbes magazine: "We could see that it was… something,” he said. “So we put money aside as a backup for them. Because we knew that their unemployment would run out, you know? And then they’d have something to go to. I think all responsible bands did that. Hopefully.

"Because these are people we live with. We work with them every day. The guys that run the stage are as important as the guys that play guitar. So we made sure that everybody was covered. And that was really important. Hey, we thought this thing was gonna last a month! 18 months?! Unreal."

The 'Poison' hitmaker went on to reveal that while he doesn't meet any fans - other than VIPs - at his concerts, everyone has a "great story" when he gets to chat to them at music conventions.

He added: "Here’s the deal: Generally, I get into town, we play the show and I leave. I don’t meet anybody - except the VIPs afterwards. You never meet the audience. When I do these [conventions], everybody’s got a story. ‘I saw you in 1973!’ ‘I saw you in 1981!’ ‘I saw you in 1995!’ They all have great stories. And I love hearing that! This is the only time where I can really go one-on-one with fans."