Alice Cooper has spoken out in defence of troubled actor Charlie Sheen after TV bosses fired the star from Two And A Half Men - the shock rocker insists the actor has not broken his contract.
Sheen was axed from the sitcom earlier this month (Mar11) after weeks of controversy, which included a public feud with the show's creator Chuck Lorre, hospitalisations, rehab and a number of headline-grabbing stunts.
The star subsequently filed legal papers seeking more than $100 million (£66.7 million) in damages for his dismissal.
And now Cooper, who has previously battled booze addiction, has defended Sheen, insisting despite his issues there was no need to sack him from the show.
He tells Pulse Radio, "I relate to him on one level; When I was an alcoholic, I was the most functional alcoholic there was. In other words - I was drinking too much, everybody knew it, everybody saw that I was, y'know, getting sick - but, when it came to doing my job, I was dead on, when it came to doing a show.
"And so, I have to defend him on one level - if he's showing up to do his job on that show, and he's straight, and he knows his lines, and he's funny, and he's not a problem - I don't know how they can stop the show. He's actually fulfilling his contract."