The bodies of Juan Manuel Gomez Fernandez and his son Juan Manuel Gomez Monteverde were discovered in Veracruz on 19 September (15), just two weeks after they were kidnapped outside the family home in Tampico.

On Sunday (08Nov15), federal police chief Francisco Galindo announced officials had taken six gang members into custody on Saturday (07Nov15), after they had allegedly been found holding six Central American migrants hostage. The suspects are also believed to have been involved in the deaths of Monteverde's family.

The filmmaker and his wife, actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry, scattered the ashes of their relatives off the coast of their native Tampico, Mexico in late September (15), and Landry paid tribute to the couple's lost loved ones in a heartfelt message last month (Oct15).

"I want to thank all of you for your love, support and prayers during this time of grief," she wrote. "Yes, the events surrounding my family were tragic and what has happened will profoundly affect our lives forever, but my Father in Law was the kind of man that radiated pure joy and it was infectious.

"He loved and adored his family more than anything. He was a jokester, a great dancer, a crier (especially when he was talking about his sons), and he lived his life in the present, appreciating each moment as a huge blessing. He was my husbands (sic) hero and like my second Dad."

She went on to call her late brother-in-law "such a hard working business owner", adding, "we all looked up to him."