Review of Your own religion Single by Alfie


Alfie - Your own religion - Single Review

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Your own religion

This track is quite a unique one from ‘newcomer’ Alfie! Released on 1st August, the Manchester - born band made their name in cafes and bars and now look set to make their name with this track “your own religion”.

Lee Gorton’s voice is quite husky which makes it sound pretty sexy; it’s quite similar to Thom Yorke of Radiohead! And for some reason the guitar solos remind me of Queen or the Darkness!!! These are a bunch of talented guys looking to become another in a long list of successful Manchester band! Please give them credit, it is a catchy tune – they’re definitely not a one hit wonder!!!

If you’re not sure about the genre they play, check them out at Barfly at Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Glasgow. They’ll also be playing at Fibbers in York throughout July. They sound a little like Flaming Lips as well as Pink Floyd but with the flare of the modern era of music.

It’s a cute song, and is full of talent and much appreciated musicality! “Your own religion” is taken from their fourth (amazing) album, “Crying at teatime” which is released on August 15th.

The band was signed to Regal in early 2003.

If you want to find out more about Alfie, check out there website

Candice Finney.