Review of A Word In Your Ear Album by Alfie band

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6. Alfie A Word In Your Ear (Album - Twisted Nerve)
Twisted Nerves high hopes Alfie have been creating a stir amidst underground, indie revelling fans for a while, especially since their superb support slot of last year with Coldplay.
They take their music that touch further than the average guitars and songsters, employing a standard double bass, clarinet, flute, trumpet and adding loads more distinctive musical intonations throughout the ten featured tracks.
In a cloud of melancholic folk and Beatles harmonies the versatile and adventurous Mancunians create a charming scene that never looks the same from any angle. Each song revisited deliverers a new and pleasing surprise.
From the thrashing slam dancing of Summer Lanes to the Epicurean triumph of Not Half and the cheeky jaunts of current single A Word In Your Ear Alfie have managed to pull off an album of true and highly listenable proportions. Its one of those (unfortunately all too rare) instances where repeated listens are essential.