Alexis Jordan wants her signature scent to smell like soap.

The 'Good Girl' hitmaker would love to have her own signature scent but rather than a delicate flowery scent like may other celebrities choose, she wants hers to smell "fresh" like soap.

Asked what she would name her own perfume, Alexis said: "I can't tell you that because if I come up with a great name, someone might steal it! It would smell very fresh, like soap. I like the smell of soap."

Because Alexis is constantly on the move for work, there are a few beauty essentials that she can't live without.

She explained: "Because I have long curly hair, a big thing for me is after I wash it, I put in this stuff that I just found. I think it's John Frieda. It's like root something. I forgot, but if you go in the store and see something that says Roots and its John Frieda, then that's it and it's amazing. I love John Frieda's products.

"I also love Aveeno exfoliating scrub. Of course you have to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste and I love Crest, so that's a big thing for me and floss of course and I always carry around Chap Stick or lip balm or something like that and I just like Chap Stick in general. I have to always have something on my lips."