Alexis Denisof says there's plenty of sex in 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

The actor is set to play Benedick in the forthcoming Shakespeare adaptation, directed by his close friend Joss Whedon, and has revealed the slick modern day take on the play has its saucy moments.

Talking to BANG Showbiz at the UK premiere of the film at London's Apollo Theatre yesterday (11.06.13), he said: ''The whole film tickles me. It's approachable, it's hip, it's sexy. I think people are going to find this really enjoyable.''

Quizzed about what makes the film ''sexy'', he added: ''Well sex, which there is a certain amount [of]. I believe the play clearly alludes to [that]. And there are some damn fine looking women and some sharply dressed men in there, too.''

The movie reunites Denisof with Whedon and Amy Acker, who worked together on TV show 'Angel' for five yars, and the low-budget flick was filmed in just 12 days at the 'Avengers' director's home.

Acker admits she couldn't wait to work with her old friends again and says it was a ''special'' experience making the film.

She added: ''I can't imagine doing something this special again; just when it is all of your friends in your friend's house.''

'Much Ado About Nothing' is in cinemas on Friday (14.06.13).