At this point in True Blood history, the show has done pretty much every TV cliché, and the plot has gone out the window some time ago. Last night, however, True Blood dared venture where it has scarcely ventured before – the same-sex hookup. Well, sort of. Spoilers ahead – big ones.

Ana Paquin
Ana Paquin is pretty great, but the writers need more to keep viewers interested.

When the episode started with a shot of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) fans knew something was off. After all, the last time we saw Eric, he was being incinerated by the Arctic sunrise (longtime fans are great at suspending disbelief.)

Still, there he was, pensively gazing out the window of… is that a villa? Where is this show even set? All of a sudden, Jason Stackhouse walks in. It’s as if the writers thought “How can we pander to the audience, whilst also introducing the most unlikely plot twist of the whole show?”

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Well, clearly they found a way. After a bit of completely inexplicable sexual tension (last time we checked, both Eric and Jason were pretty resolutely straight, but nobody’s complaining), the completely inexplicable hookup gets going. By this time, most viewers should have been clued in by the soft lighting, the unlikely setting, the fact that one of these characters is dead… it all turned out to be a dream in the end. Jason’s dream, in fact. So will this lead to some grand personal revelations for Mr. Stackhouse? We wish, but it’s unlikely. The fact that the dream had nothing at all to do with anything in the story so far, means it probably is less of a lasting plot twist and more of an easy way to indulge the people, who are still sticking with this ridiculous show, without actually changing the story in any meaningful way. Still, the scene made it into an episode which means that… congratulations slash fiction writers, Eric/Jason is now officially canon.

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Alexander Skarsgard
Nothing like an unexpected hookup to keep viewers interested.