The former True Blood star graced the red carpet at the movie screening in San Francisco, California on Monday night (03Aug15) wearing a full-length gold gown, high-heeled shoes and a blonde wig, as well as heavy make-up and false nails.

Skarsgard has now revealed the reason behind his stunt, insisting he dressed up to show solidarity with his drag queen pals.

He tells the New York Daily News, "(It was) emotionally amazing, physically very painful... I was so excited about the night. I got to go (to the screening) with my dear friends who are drag queens. That's why I wanted to do it. I was like, 'Aw man you are going to have so much fun. I don't want to be excluded from from that in this stupid suit.'"

Skarsgard goes on to admit he has a new-found respect for those who don drag because his costume was so uncomfortable.

He adds, "Don't mess with the drag queens. Their pain threshold is up there. It's unbelievably painful. Shoes, b**ls, wig, everything is incredibly itchy, hot, painful. My feet were killing me - I couldn't walk. "