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Malcolm Mcdowell Got Death Threats For Killing Captain Kirk

Malcolm McDowell got death threats for killing Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek Generations'.The 77-year-old actor played the villainous Dr. Tolian Soran in the 1994 sci-fi movie and explained how he had been threatened by fans...

Valar Morghulis - But Who Do We Think Will Die In This Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'? [Speculative Spoilers]

Prince Doran - We've only seen Prince Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig) in one episode so far, he's already made a strong impression on everyone. The elder brother of fan favourite Oberyn, who came to a...

Meet The Stars Of Game Of Thrones Season 5

Whilst the series won't return to television screens until next year, casting for the new characters to be introduced in season 5 of the fantasy series has been rumoured for months. However at San Diego...

Arabic Star Changes His Son's Name To Avoid Prejudice

Sudanese actor ALEXANDER SIDDIG has changed his son's birth name over fears it's too Arabic and will prompt prejudice amongst the boy's peers. The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN star, whose birth name is SIDDIG AL...

Cattrall Finds Love With Co-star

Former SEX AND THE CITY star KIM CATTRALL has found love with her London theatre co-star ALEXANDER SIDDIG. Cattrall, who dated 27-year-old Canadian chef ALAN WYSE until earlier this year (05), starred opposite the...

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